General Rules
Please download and read the Goosedale MFC Rules Section 2019 (version 4.1, 1st June 2019) (PDF, opens in a new window or tab).
You may download the rules if you right-click on the link, choose "Save target as..." and then choosing a destination (such as My Documents or your Desktop).

In short however, please take note of the following abbreviated rules:
  1. All pilots must be insured under the BMFA Membership Scheme or provide evidence of a bank balance of at least ten million pounds
  2. We fly on both 2.4Ghz and 35Mhz (bands 55 - 90). A pennant must be attached to your transmitter antenna: this must be black for a 2.4GHz Tx and orange for a 35MHz Tx. For 35MHz, a peg indicating the frequency of your transmitter must also be attached to the pegboard for the entire duration that your transmitter is turned on (we use the 'peg-on-the-board' system). Please remove your peg from the pegboard AFTER you have turned your transmitter off as this will enable another member using the same band to fly. Under no circumstances should a 35MHz transmitter be switched on without a corresponding peg being placed onto the pegboard: this for for everyone's safety!
  3. Keep it as quiet as possible! Maximum 82 db at 7 metres (all new, refurbished and models we have not seen before will be subject to testing)
  4. Models must be restrained when the motor is running in the pits area
  5. Keep within the permitted flying area - not within 100 metres of the adjacent buildings
  6. We fly IC between the hours of 11:00am and 5:30pm and Quiet electric 11:00 am to 7:45 pm (noise must be virtually unnoticeable when standing on access road)
Flight Lines and No-Fly Zones
There are designated "no-fly" zones at Goosedale as follows:
It is imperative that no pilot ever flies over Goosedale Hall (in front of the flight line to the left behind a line of trees), the fishing lake (to the left and slighltly behind the flight line), the sports field or the cottages that you pass when you drive to the field (behind the flight line). Generally, the conference hall and anywhere behind the flight line is out-of-bounds for any airborne model aircraft.
This, and the flight lines we use are perhaps best summed up by way of the following diagram: